How to Set Up and Schedule your own JT Micro-Workshop

Have you wanted the focus of a private lesson rather than the large group classes yet need to share the costs? Then the Micro-Workshop concept is for you!

Simply find friends that want to work on a similar subject and share the cost.

From 4 -10 people can make up a micro-workshop.(groups of 3 will be charged the total rate of 4 people)

E-mail me at: with the number of people and a description of the content you would like to focus on. I will then customize "your" content and reserve "your" time slot.

The Cost:
# of People Cost Per Hour Your Total Cost
3-4 People* $20 per hour/person $80.00
5-6 People $17 per hour/person $85.00 - $102.00
7-8 People $16 per hour/person $112.00 - $128.00
9-10 People $15 per hour/person $135.00 - $150.00
*3 People will be at the total rate of $80.00 per hour

Content Examples:
Dance Technique
Specialty Content
Swing Dances
Basic Technique
Flash Moves
Rhythm/Latin Dances
Posture and Framing
Styling for Men / Women
Smooth Dances
Lead / Follow
Turn Technique
Country Dances
Music Interpretation
Freestyle / Nightclub
Centering and Balance

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